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Lucie and Jeanne Delsus

Delsus-Delsus is created by the twin sisters Lucie and Jeanne Delsus. They are both contemporary dancers with separate careers. Next to their own pathways, they have the ambition to start a professional career as a duo. They have participated in independent projects and have collaborated as a duo with several artists. They are eager to work further on intriguing artistry with various artistic partnerships.

Lucie and Jeanne are born in 1999 with Dutch and French origins. Along their studies, Lucie and Jeanne performed works by i.a. Regina van Berkel, Jiri Kylian, Ohad Naharin and Jens van Daele. At the Modern Theatre Dance department at the Amsterdam University of the Arts (2017-2021), Lucie performed works by Amos Ben-Tal, Nicole Beutler, Serge Arthur Dodo, Heather Ware and Liat Waysbort among others. Jeanne continued her studies at the Bachelor of Dance at Codarts (2017-2021). During the 'Talent On The Move' tour, she learned and performed works by Felix Landerer, Tom Weksler, Emio Greco, Wayne McGregor, Andonis Foniadakis and Nacho Duato. During the season 2020-2021, Jeanne worked with Skånes Dansteater in Sweden, where she performed works by Tero Saarinen, Kit Brown, Mari Carrasco and Anette Jellne. Lucie worked on a project with the Amsterdam-based choreographer Keren Levi before joining Skånes Dansteater for a production by Anette Jellne.

While studying in The Netherlands, Lucie and Jeanne worked with several artists on multidisciplinary art projects and projects on location.

Jeanne has experience in giving workshops to refugees, people with the Parkinson disease, elderly people and amateurs.

Lucie and Jeanne engaged themselves in some modelling work as well.

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"Look beyond the resemblance,

what is our essence?

Sense more,

and you will discover what we stand for."

Lucie and Jeanne Delsus

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